Get ready to jump
in the world of
Luca, The Dreamer 

Our young, curious and simpatico football is going for an
unforgettable adventure with you! Once an ordinary ball,
amusing children on the streets of Brazil, Luca’s dream is to join
the World Cup Finals as the official football in Russia.
His journey is full of different puzzles and challenges
so he needs your help to achieve his goal.
Unique gameplay mechanics for each country and architectural environment, all based on real life locations like Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City and Paris.
JUMping on the Roof
Luca’s adventure starts on a roof in Brazilian slums. All he needs to do is to collect coins and head to the next country. The adventure goes on for 12 levels in 3 chapters, each being hand-crafted by artists. Stunning high-quality graphics with amazing music and sound effects make Luca's world incredibly engaging.
HINts are the Key
While playing the game, some hints can be observed, drawn on the walls or floating on air. These hints initially show you the necessary tricks to pass the level and collect some extra coins. Every now and then, you may notice an image of Luca “pondering”. If you happen to find such a hint, believe me, you will have to think things through to solve that puzzle. Hints are mostly placed at first four levels and after that, you will have to find your own path.
Enjoyable puzzles and obstacles to overcome on Luca’s route to the World Cup.
COIns, Coins, Coins!
In Luca’s Dream, he needs to collect coins to journey to the next episode. Mostly, coins are just on the way, sometimes they might seem on spots most impossible to reach and occasionally, it may be frustrating beyond belief to solve a puzzle and get coins. At the least, you have to collect 500 out of 600 coins in an episode to pass to the next one. Fortunately, most of the coins are placed conveniently to show you the proper way to guide Luca. There are 150 coins in every level which may not be noticed on first playthrough, so we suggest you to replay levels to collect them all.
Whenever Luca pass through a checkpoint, a confetti pops and Luca can be heard giggling “Luca, Luca!”. This means, if Luca is hurt, he will re-spawn at that point and all the coins prior to that checkpoint are considered collected. Do not forget that the voice of Luca is very informative and has an actual impact over gameplay. It has a very cute and childish sound that we adore whenever he speaks.
Help Luca to become the most famous football at the World Cup!
Obstacles are Enemies
In Luca’s world, there are many dangers that may hurt Luca badly. Such obstacles mostly possess either a faint red glow or shiny particles. For instance, broken glass, balconies with spikes, burning rooftops may hurt Luca. You should be careful and find a way to elude these obstacles. Sometimes they are placed at critical locations, an innocent looking jump may turn deadly or an uncalculated burst of speed leads to fatal consequences.
Boxes are Friends
In Luca's world, there are many crates that are there to aid you. Frequently you will need to push, pull or break them (crashing at them with high speed) to complete the level or to reach over a wall. If there are boxes, you should suspect that there is indeed something you need to do about them. In some levels, some crates are reinforced that Luca is unable to break them. We found out that they are mostly used to jump over high walls or reach some hard to get coins.
This Time, Animals are not Friendly
When Luca reaches Brazilian coasts, some crabs may be there lurking. Believe me, they are not friendly and their pincers hurt Luca instantly! Do not worry though, you can evade them by jumping over, just do not try a blind “leap of faith” if you are not sure about your landing safety. Beware the rats in France episode, mostly in tunnels, their bite really stings. We discover that animals are moving in patterns that give you chance to evade them should you remember the pattern. If you are stuck somewhere badly, try to watch them with Eagle Eye ability to observe them.
Various special moves and power-ups such as wall jump, super speed and double jump.
LUCa’s Eagle Eyes and All Abilities
On top right of the screen, under the pause button, there is a small icon for “Observation Mode”. It locks Luca’s position and give you chance to observe the surroundings more carefully as the screen zooms out a little while giving you the ability to drag the screen around. You may also notice bonus coins while looking around. There are many abilities that Luca unlocks when he comes by the green “talent” coins.

The first of such is “Double Jump” ability that you come across midway first level and is really helpful to reach to higher places. We experienced that the timing of the second jump is important, the game is full of such jumps that are needed to be timed carefully.

At level 5, there comes another ability, “Wall Jump” which allows you to jump between walls. We also advise you not to give direction via controller when you perform a wall jump since Luca automatically jumps to the opposing wall. With wall jump ability, you can climb otherwise unreachable places.

Finally at Level 9, “Super Speed” ability unlocks, which we loved the most. He taps on his inner strength and channels it into super speed. You can shatter boxes easily and launch himself to the air reaching unbelievable heights while using superspeed.
Mini Videos
After every chapter, there are short animated videos that offers us a peek at Luca’s journeys. These videos of Luca are adorable and very well made, having a cartoonish & simplistic style that reinforces the story.
Luca: The Dreamer is an adventure game that presents a unique platform game experience. Terrific graphics, parallax scrolled backgrounds, cute and detailed animations, incredibly catchy music and sound effects; Luca is offering a wonderful journey for you to enjoy.
The look and feel of the game successfully takes you to places far away all the while relieving you of your stress. If you want to travel to the most beautiful countries of the world without getting expensive plane tickets, Luca is the game for you.

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